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Loving it!

Ive been using that app for more than a year and I have to say: its great! I loved the fact that you can back up the app before changing iPhones or simply restore your iPhone, sending the backup to your email. And the fact that you can mark on the calendar when your bills are due to avoid late payment!

OFX Import does not work!

I paid for the full version to be able to upload my OFX in it but the app does only import 1 operation per day! Pls apply a bug fix ASAP

Two thumbs up for the sync capabilities

My wife and I were looking for an app to manage our budget together. This is clearly the best app weve found as it enables each of us to enter our expenses separately on our own iPhone and all of the expenses are synced so that everything is in just one place. I clearly recommend this app if you need to manage a budget as a couple!!

Very good

The app is very good. I use it since several years every day and had never problems. It is very flexible.

Dont upgrade to 3.00 and 3.01 !!

Release 2.x was running fine, even on iOS 7. But since the upgrade to 3.00, impossible to launch it and the 3.01 did not provide a fix. The only way to launch it is to delete/reinstall. But the restore from DropBox does not work too !

Family sync bugged

A lot of expenses are not synced on my wifes device. Some are, some arent, and its been a few weeks now (other expenses have been synced since, its definitely a bug and its totally unacceptable to have errors of even 1 cent for a financial app (and we paid for it). You have to fix or reimburse, the app is useless as of now.

Bug / Crash since update

Lapplication ne souvre plus depuis la maj du 15 juillet 2016 (iphone 4-iOS 7.1) The app crashes, doesnt open since update on July 15th 2016 (iPhone 4-iOS 7)


Very good app. Simple and usefull.

best money app

simply perfect, works flawlessly among many platforms.

Great app

I tested a bunch of apps but home budget was the most complete one. It should have more reports, charts and data comparasion.

Please update

Thats a great app. My only complain is about the frequency o updates of the system. In the app forum you have a list of opportunities from heavy users, and it sees that our opinions is not so important...

Good but has to improve

This app is very useful for one controls his expenses but has lots of issues to improve. I had a big problem when I updated my IOS, I lost all stored data in my Homebudget.

Not worth the investment

The apps lite version worked perfectly, the paid version is full of problems!! Not worth paying a premium price for an app that does not work properly. First the transition from the free to the full app is ridiculous and you may end up losing your data. Then on the paid version family sync does not work properly and you end up with inaccurate numbers all the time! Customer support keeps on pushing that the fault is on the user side and that you have to reset data on one of the devices and start syncing again. Things work fine for a while then problems are back again! Did this process a couple of times, the app has been updated since then but problems still go on. Customer support even stoped replying to my requests to fix the problem. The apps concept and interface is great, it is definitely a pitty it does not work!


The app is very good. But since last year Im having the same issue: its impossible to register anything, income or expense, on October 18th. Today wasnt that different from last year. When we try to register anything today, the date vanishes and then if I try to input it manually it doesnt save, having to change it to October 17th or 19th.

Sync doesnt work

I cant get the different devices in the same group. Sync is impossible.


Still buggy. Different bugs but still buggy. With iPhone 5S and iOS7 app crashes in the transactions list view of an account.

The real Budget master App

Fantastic. Works across all family members and has tons of functions. Also the ability to split, rollover and distribute budget as well as expenses makes it the best I tried. Worth spending the money.

Best ever

Really Good App. Thanks. I am using it since many years now.


Love this app. Completely got me back on track. Five stars.

Amazing App

This app by far is the best budgeting app Ive used from the many! I love how you can link/import your bank statement to this app, which makes it easy not to worry about having to remember to put in every single purchase right away...the app does for you! Its amazing! Also you have the option of inputting recurring expenses & transfers! Very well put together app!

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