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Really Quirky

For the $20 I ended up paying for the PC app and the iPhone app its just not really worth it. There are different screens for recurring expense, 1 time expenses, bills, budget, income, etc, it just doesnt need to be that complicated folks. You cannot change the amount/date of a single instance of a recurring expense(IE a montly bill that can vary in amount), and they also dont show up in the expense list until the date for the recurring expense passes. All you really need is one screen showing all income and expenses together, with an option to make expenses recurring in the background, but you also have to have the option of changing each individual instance of an expense/income without affecting the entire series. I can kind of work my way around the quirks but it is annoying at best.

Best app for personal finances

Best app for personal finances

Good budget app, but...

Ive used Home Budget for many years on iPhone, iPad, and Mac to track my spending, create budgets, look at spending trends and patterns, and keep track of all my accounts. Its great if you are using on just one device, but gets a bit complicating when trying to sync across multiple devices. There are also some issues with recurring bills. Other than that, this is a solid budget app that I use together with Mint to balance my books. This would be a 5 star app if they had website access and syncing was just as simple as logging in.

Great App

This is a great app to monitor your expenses. I would recommend this app.

Very good

I like to enter the data myself (and not being forced to link to my bank account for security reason). Please add a graph to be able to see a specific spending category over the year. For example, I would like to see my groceries spending over the year. Thanx!

Almost perfect

Great app -- missing Touch ID

Wow how useless

So Ive used mint before and I added my Bank of America account no problem and with this it always fails validation. Cant even add my bank account. Because of that its useless. Ill give 5 stars if you fix this dumb issue.

So far excellent

I have been using another great app for 2 years until I come across this one. The one I using was good too but by time it didnt answer my needs. This one have everything I thought of, and also more than I wanted. Great app, great job. Deserves 5 star review

Lacking A Crucial Feature

This app was beautiful to use except for one thing---it doesnt allow you to see your monthly forecast for bills that havent cleared yet, so the balance you see is always before your future bills have hit your account. This drove me crazy because I would have to change each bill to "paid" in order to see what my actual balance would be after each cleared, which was so confusing. Ive moved on to Pocket Expense which is by far the best expense app Ive used! If youre encountering this problem, I highly recommend saving yourself the headache.

Does not actually sync with bank accounts

It says that it syncs with your saving/checking accounts, which it does not, you can manually enter each expense, but lets be real, thats never going to happen.

Best ever

Really Good App. Thanks. I am using it since many years now.

Simple, Flexible and Intuitive

We have really liked this app. Great that each of us can keep track in real time about how much money we have, because the app allows us both to enter expenses on our own phones and it syncs the info automatically.

Pretty good, still missing features and has bugs

Ive noticed that syncing between devices doesnt always work. Accounts can be off by 40 expenses or more. Its very unclear how I got into this state but there was no way to fix it other than restoring from a backup. The other thing I would like is some representation of an investment account. Money goes in but it isnt an expense, and the value of that account can vary quite a bit. Currently there is no good representation of this kind of account and I find it rather frustrating.

Three changes can make this app the greatest

1- make categories n sub categories searchable. Finding the categories n sub categories on the go are just pain. Data entry should be fast n robust without pain of finding the right categories. 2- Make + button an icon near the bottom, easy to reach on plus iphone devices. 3- Sync just dont work for me

Al the best thoughts & wishes

Id like to first say that app is totally worth the money, most of all for its very elegant and intuitive design, as well as very well thought system of organization a level of customization the allows users to really reach deep in to their financial situation, all on the tip of your fingers in very detailed manner… Couldnt praise it anymore than that, because that is all you need! Pls fix the date problem of not being able to set transactions after the 28th of each month!!! This needs to be fixed, since it is a steeply priced app…!

Just missing one key feature...

Right now, Im using two apps for my everyday finances. Homebudget and Dollarbird. The reason i have to use Dollarbird is because Homebudget doesnt show the cashflow of your money in a calendar view. Lets say you want to see how much money you will have on october 13, 2016 its simply impossible with Homebudget. With all the bills coming up, the income and the expenses, we should be able to follow your money and know exactly how much we have in a future date. I really hope you guys can make this happen. Its just steps away from a 5 star app.


Dont rely on this AP to track your due dates. The family sync is un reliable if you use more than one device. Bills, amounts and due dates vanish mysteriously. Even those with a history of one+ years payments.

It just works

I really love this app. It helps me a lot to keep my expenses and budget under control. Ive been using it for almost 2 years now and Ive never had any kind of problem with it. Data generated are accurate and it works perfectly. I highly recommend it. The only thing Id suggest to developers is to update graphical user interfaces, for example, the "Mint" app looks beautiful in your Ipad and Iphone, however, I still prefer Home Budget.

Dont bother

Ive been using this App for 4 years and it has progressively gotten worse and worse. The "family user guide is 5 years old" 1. Devices wont sync with home device and very sporadic when they do 2. As to the calendar issue...you cant schedule anything after the 28th because of Feb. the app is to stupid to make exceptions for days in the month so it rolls anything over and you end up with a bunch of bills on the 1st. 3. Its not a user friendly app, recurring bill edit will cause duplicate entries and you will find yourself deleting 2 years worth of bills. 4. The infinite option doesnt work when creating a recurring bill, the bills wont show on the calendar. You have to give every bill a 2yr end date. 5. When your other IOS devices decide to sync they will send expense or bills paid to the home device but anything done on the home device wont reciprocate and your hand held wont update. 6. Dont even get me started on the PC version. I could write 20 more issues but its time to scrap this Java monster and start from scratch. 7. Dont bother trying to connect your bank as this company isnt associated so the banks will not let them access your accounts. 8. You can find ways to make everything work thats broken but you have to do it creatively vs using the apps features. Keep looking, NOT AS ADVERTISED

Pretty good, up there with ynab etc.

Has all the basic features, easy to understand, family/group sync works (most of the time). I like being able to put in recurring invoices that show up every month to remind me to pay them. Downsides - Price (you have to pay for mobile & the desktop version separately) - Sync sometimes doesnt work - support isnt the best

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