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Update for iPhone X

Love the app, but need full screen support for iPhone X please!!

Great budget control

I have been using this app for over 5 years along with Credit Karma. I am never late paying bill because of their forecast shows you how and when money is being paid out and income deposits. Just like anything in life, you really have to put the time in so you can get control of your finances. This app works great for me so I give it 5 Stars.

Goodbye after 2 years

This has been my go-to expense app for over 2 years, but when I recently restored my phone to discover HomeBudget was a blank slate, I was reminded of two things: (a) HomeBudget doesn’t leverage iCloud for backups, and (b) its Dropbox backup settings had mysteriously reverted from Daily to Never, meaning the past 6 months of data are now gone. Using Dropbox to backup app data is a fine if ersatz way to go, but not defaulting those settings to daily is completely incomprehensible to me. Why would anyone *not* want daily backups of a data payload that is so miniscule? It begs the question why the developers didn’t just implement iCloud backup in the first place. Set it and forget it. So, I’ve had enough. Goodbye Home Budget. And hello to Money Pro. An app which has stayed with the times, leverages all the iOS hooks properly, and even has some nice predictive AI to streamline the expense entering process. Money well spent, and I’m glad I made the switch.


Using this app for very long time, probably one of the first customers... The only issues that I'm facing is data size. For example, if you saving receipts with your expenses then your data file becomes HUGE and there is now easy way to remove old receipts. Also, Backup/Restore to Dropbox doesn't work. It creates empty remote folder and never stores the data. It would be nice to backup your data to google drive too. Dropbox gives too little space if you on free version. Would be nice to be able to delete receipts for specific time frame. For example, I do not need receipts if they are older then 3 years. Or give us a chance to store those receipts in the cloud so data file would smaller.

The best budget app

Update on iOS 11 iPhone 6s Plus. After updating to iOS11 the backup using dropbox broken. It wont initiate the backup anymore. Please fix this thanks. Just to update the review, everything works smoothly and the recent update doesnt break the auto backup anymore 👍🏻 but the update break the foreign currency conversion. Hope it will be fixed soon. Is there any major update to replace the current one ? 1. shortcut for frequent added expenses 2. Option to move sub category. 3. Overall interface enhancements because been using this app for a few years i think a redesign is good. Dont mind to pay again for another major update to support the dev. Hope this app will be always supported.

Love love love

We Love this app!! The only thing that would be good is more icons and a way to request icons for certain things.


Great app, been using it for years. What I most like it's the customizable part of expenses. Put down everything where you want.

Very good application

Very helpful app in order to track your expenses in categories and subcategories. I would like the option of more filters at search tab and more options at report tab.

App not starting

It just won't open. I keep clicking and nothing happens

Perfect for House control

Finally I found an app that can I use to control my home budget. My wife and I use this app to control everything we spend every month. We were using excel spreadsheets before, but now we can use this app

Financial Freedom

Update 9/22/17 received excellent technical support when I was creating a "family sync" with my iPad. It was simple and having it on multiple devices makes my life easier and that is good :-) This app is excellent. I use it every time I spend, have income and save. It is easy to access, easy to use and easy to BACKUP. It makes it fun and fast to track income , expense and budget. The old saying. "If you can't measure it you can't manage it." is true. Now that I know where my money was going I am making better choices, paying off bills and saving more. I am having a "Total Money Makeover" and am becoming financially free... Imagine not worrying or owing a dime... I am grateful to HomeBudget for this App. BTW, it keeps getting better. I'm glad I bought it. Very glad it's made such a difference in how I live my life with my money...

Long-Time user and Fan

My wife and I have been using this app and it's perfect for us. It syncs really well between our iPhones with only a few bugs here and there. I would love to see support for "splitting" up expenses into multiple categories. This would make the app even more user-friendly. That is my only complaint. I love that you have to manually enter things in because it keeps you conscious of your spending habits.

Update ?

Just updated the app now it won't even open!!


Don't buy it. It's worse than free apps

Great Easy App!!

I've used this to document & add up travel expenses. It worked very well. On the plane trip home I would be done with my expenses. I now use it for personal expenses & probably do not use its full potential. They keep it up to date & running smoothly. Yes, I recommend this app.

Great App

I have tried quite a few app to manage my spending and income. This app is my stopping point. It gives me real time acct balances and forecasts which include reoccurring bills and income. The owners manual is quite helpful also. Another feature is that you can add devices to your group list and they will automatically get updated with your entries from another device.......nice!

Hidden Gem

My favorite budgeting app. Not perfect but definitely the best I've found.

Need an overhaul update/upgrade.

I have been using it for years . No report can't be send by email. It need a major overhaul update. It's been the same UI since when! Still stuck at Ver 3.x

Powerful, well designed

Why can't I get a bank connection beyond set up?

Family sync doesn't work

Every time I add a second device, it deletes the first one, (even though on the device itself it says I'm in the group), so when I go to send initial data it says I must have at least 2 devices in the group for me to sync my data. Until this problem is fixed I may have to find a different app.

Apple friendly 👍🏻

Likely the best budgeting app EVER!! The wife and I use our 2 iPhones and the iPad is the master device. Here's the tricks: - Read the user guide. Understanding how it works is important. - Follow the startup suggestions. The wife and I plugged in everything for 2 weeks (my pay period) before setting budgets in the app and then set/tweaked budgets from there - Use the app religiously!!! Plugging everything in; Savings accounts not included in summary; and with every paycheck, overtime is plugged in manually (80 hrs is recurring). These tricks set the wife and I on the way to success. We've been using the app 3 months now and our finances have turned around!! The main reason: We now make educated decisions on what we can spend if an impulse hits us.

Great program

I moved to Home Budget after losing Quicken with upgrade. Very happy with results. I was hesitant after using Quicken for many years but worked great for my needs. Can sync with I phone and I pad to keep control from anywhere.

Great app!

I previously used YNAB but quit once they started charging yearly payments. This app improves on YNABs capability of linking multiple devices to your budget. For example, my wife can input a purchase from her phone that will automatically sync to all devices in the same group. Syncing happens over our cellular network so there is no need to have Dropbox. Very easy to use and does everything I need!

Great Family App

I will give 5 stars when recurring Excesses/Incomes is fixed to be able to add a 'end date' greater than 2 years!


Good App. I try this one for more than one year. Pro, this app is always has new visions and updates. do really good job at expense record and check. Con, the report and graph of this app is too simple.



Best app !!!

I have used since 04/2012. I hope you could add password with 4-digits numeric code or 6-digits numeric code, or finger print also. :-)

Best app for how I use it

I have been using this app since january 2015, and never thought to switch to any other app since then! Here is why 1- daily backup through clouds (I use Dropbox) 2- Sync with multiple devices you can share it with wife for example and it helps me have an extra backup in case dropbox fails, I have my expenses in another device synced (3 devices) 3- multiple accounts / currencies (I travel a lot) I have added petit cash account, bank account, credit card account... and much more, and adding an expense to an account is 2 click away ! Well for me these were the key reasons I use the app, I never used budgeting tho so can't tell how it works with that

New icons

Application need in next update to allow adding new icons to expense categories , Thank you

Been Using Daily Since 8/2011

I am happy to report that this app has been the most used app on my iOS devices for over 5 years now. Most 1 star reviews I have read are from lazy folks who can't be bothered to categorize their expenses and enter things manually. I enjoy the fact that this app is non-obtrusive and does not link directly to your bank account. I have been categorizing every receipt and know exactly how much my wife and I have spent on necessities and areas we should cut back on. This app is powerful because you can customize just how detailed you want to go with categories and sub-categories. Here is a hint - when you first start using this app just enter your starting balances and track expenses from that day forwards, don't feel overwhelmed by having to enter past expense history. This app gives me piece of mind in knowing knowing exactly what's going on and helps ,me find banking or overcharge errors. Also if you have syncing problems, you may need to simply reset your family devices and then send the data back out to get syncing working again. This is handy when you swap devices. Make a backup first and email it to yourself just in case.

Best Bills/Expense App!

I have tried nearly all the finance apps on the AppStore, but none come to having the best but simple functionality as this. Unlike other apps, this has a bills and expense tracker combo, which is great. You don't need to have 2 separate apps. The only reason for a 4-star is because they only allow bills to be entered from the past 5 years. I'd like to enter bills earlier than that but it currently does not support it. Once it does, I'll update my rating! UPDATE: I concur with mochibear911, this is still the BEST expenses/bills app in the AppStore. I also have tried dozens of others and this is still the most useful finance app out there. I have not seen a single finance app so far that allows users to upload their own customized category icons, and is one of the main reasons I still stick with HomeBudget. I really WISH they would update the app to show a wider range of graph details, as the current graphs are really out-dated and does not provide a very good visual of expenses.

Doesn't Sync with iPhone 6s

My husband and I had this app with our iPhone 5s' and the sync worked really well. When we upgraded last summer the sync function didn't work. I've tried to sync is many times and it doesn't work. We continue to use the computer version as a way to balance our accounts and see how much is coming in and going out each month. We like it for this reason. However, we purchased this app with the sync so we could use it on the go to communicate our spending and use the budget. Developers: please fix this problem with sync feature on iPhone 6s. Thank you

Sync is not reliable

I have to manually reconcile the accounts between my two devices. The reason I paid for this was for the syncing. So I feel ripped off.

Very good for family

I and my wife used this app for a year, very easy to use, no complaint

Not developing

Looks like the app is stalled for a long time. Inconvenient way to add expenses


I like this app, but I would like to see a way where you can specify "transfers" (like moving money from checking to savings) rather than listing them as income/expense. Entering transfers as income/expense skews the data. That is my only suggestion so far. Thanks!

Love it

Best budget and expenses app ever , the only thing it needs is to have the option to choose income or expense in the same window it's really annoying to have to go to a different menu to do either or

Great tool

Best money management app. Easy to set up and use. User for over two years now.

Sync Issues

I was looking for an all in one app so I chose this budget app. I have been using this app for two months and the sync issues are bad. It duplicates entries and the last straw reverting back to a previous sync messing up my device that had things correct. Too complicated to fix. I rather use multiple programs that sync.


This update occurred some bugs. I am suffering with sync problem. And when I add a new recurring transfer, I cannot choose if future entries should be generated on due date or now.

No Bank Access

Clearly, I didn't read the reviews thoroughly. Wasted $4.99 and my time, without bank download capability, this app won't work for me.

Will not sync

Do not buy if you intend on it syncing with someone else's phone. It just will not sync with everything I try. Waste of $6 dollars to try this out.

Good app for bookkeeping needs one feature though

If you expect mint functionality, this app is not for you. However if you like being in full control and using this as a bookkeeping tool look no further. With that said, the ONLY THING I would like to see is the ability to take an existing expense to use as a seed to add a new expense. EXAMPLE: I had 5 expenses for the same payee on the same date. Give me a way to add one, then use the one I added as a seed to add the remaining 4.


This is the only app i use for all my expense track.. i have been using it i think for more than 5 years. Im loving it!

User Friendly

This app is user friendly! I love it! I was never good at keeping up with balancing my checkbook and I always had inexplicable imbalances; that was before HomeBudget. Home budget makes it so easy to record my expenses in real time...while I'm standing at the gas pump, walking out of the grocery store, or after shopping on amazon on my lunch break, 15 miles away from my neglected check book register. Some ideas for future updates: Please add a debt snowball segment so that we can watch our debt dwindle as we enter our monthly payments. Please make it easy to rearrange expense categories and subcategories. Let's say I have subcategories for insurance and medical expenses under the same category. But I'm doing my taxes and I'm trying to figure out my yearly medical expenses without my insurance payments getting in the way. I'd like to move my subcategory into its own category without messing up the data within it. Thanks HomeBudget!!!

Great budget app, still lacking some features

I am using this app for more than 4 years, and it is strong and trustful. It would be nice if it could be linked to bank accounts (like Wells Fargo) and if we could track expenses categories month by month in a chart.


Easy to use interface – the idea of syncing between iPad, iPhone and computer remains an idea. A constant problem syncing the thre devices. I don't have time to spend fixing these issues myself – this app is still below par for me.


Even for major banks like Chase and Wells Fargo, the bank import feature stopped working a long time ago. I emailed support asking for help and they implied that that feature was some sort of nonessential, extra bonus that we should be happy to receive if it works, but not hold the expectation that it'll work. I can't manually enter 100s of transactions each month. I never would have bought this app OR the Mac app if I'd known their 'support' would be this flippant about such an essential feature.


I have been using this app for almost 5 years. I'll admit this app takes time to understand and adjust to using, but once you have all your accounts setup, reoccurring expenses, reoccurring bills, reoccurring transfers setup you will NEVER need to worry about knowing your financially standing again. I absolutely endorse this app as the MUST HAVE financial app if your truly looking to track day-to-day expense, bills, and account transfers. Or just trying to stay within a budget The family sync option via Wi-Fi I did have issues with but a simple email to Customer Support cleared up the issue. Be certain when using Family sync you setup the device you will use everyday as the primary device. Also before setting up Family Sync be certain to have all your transfers, expenses, bills entered as well. If your accounts offer statement downloads offering QIF files you can download your statements directly into the app. I track everything daily so I haven't really used this function much but have to test it out. It does work but you have to be certain while in the import screen to ensure you have the correct account selected to import the transactions into, and is a bit tricky as I experienced when using the downloaded files aren't saved and you work off one file at a time to import. So remember the name of the file your importing so you link it to the correct account. Take the plunge and pay for this app and start all the financial tracking at your fingertips needed. Also have peace of mind knowing if you have any questions or concerns if you email Support you will get a response. Emailed them on several occasions and received a respond the next day with resolution.


Couldn't even link my accounts, minimal features compared to other apps, quite cheesy to be honest.

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