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Best app ever

I have tested all app and it’s my favorite.. the cross platform works well PC/IOS, split expenses, multiple accounts, recurrence expenses, bills reminder and etc... To be better just develop WIDGET to IOS to facilitate input new expense .... and to be perfect give us news themes !

Great little app.

Have been using this since August 2015. I like how my husband and I share this app. I like how credit card purchases and bank card purchases meld. TERRIFIC! I want to be able to archive info. I would like to be able to edit categories when there are already entries in them. Not to delete the entries but move them to another category as a unit not individually. I think this need had developed over time and usage.

Been Using Daily Since 8/2011

Edit: Latest Update July 2018 that allows for scrolling in the reconciliation area has a bug. If you reconcile some expenses and then scroll down past the check mark, the check mark goes away as if you never marked it. Solution for now is to hit done before scrolling down. I am happy to report that this app has been the most used app on my iOS devices for over 6 years now. Most 1 star reviews I have read are from lazy folks who can't be bothered to categorize their expenses and enter things manually. I enjoy the fact that this app is non-obtrusive and does not link directly to your bank account. I have been categorizing every receipt and know exactly how much my wife and I have spent on necessities and areas we should cut back on. This app is powerful because you can customize just how detailed you want to go with categories and sub-categories. Here is a hint - when you first start using this app just enter your starting balances and track expenses from that day forwards, don't feel overwhelmed by having to enter past expense history. This app gives me piece of mind in knowing knowing exactly what's going on and helps ,me find banking or overcharge errors. Also if you have syncing problems, you may need to simply reset your family devices and then send the data back out to get syncing working again. This is handy when you swap devices. Make a backup first and email it to yourself just in case.

Since 2012

Have been using this app since 2012 or maybe even early. Can’t leave without this app. Developers do me a favor add some more icons for expenses. It’s never been changed

If you want the best, here it is

I have tried 167 expense style apps on iOS, windows and Mac and this is unquestionably my favorite. The closest alternative is money by jumsoft and it doesn’t even come close. I asked the author to recharge or make a subscription of $5 a year or something to keep up development as That’s about my only complaint at this point. I love this app. It requires a lot of initial effort but once you get it setup, holy cow it’s the best!


Overall I like the app, but it is a budget app only. It’s not really a check register (which for me is fine, but others may want to know). The only issue I have with it is the cycles for budgets to reset don’t seem to automatically reset and I’m not sure how to reset them vs deleting and recreating. The user guide is ok for the very basics but not very in depth to issues like that.

Waste of money

Bought the app to use with bank and my bank isn’t even on the list. Anyone with frandsen bank and trust don’t try to use


SAVE YOUR MONEY!! When we first got this app I thought it was great, but it hasn’t even been 30 days and all my info is gone and the app and computer program are GONE! I realized there is no phone number for customer support and I have sent tons of emails with ZERO reply! Just ridiculous and a waste of money and time!

How to use

How do I set up expense type. Ty

Solid App

This app is great for what I need. It keep thing simple and allows your to manage you accounts pretty effortlessly. I just wish that the UI would get an update. I’m a stickler for branding and I hate seeing their app icon on my home screen lol. That may be silly, but that’s how I feel. The user experience is feeling a bit dated as well, although it still works very well. I still recommend it.


Great app overall. Can you add a feature that allows for notifications every time a new expense is added to a specific account? Would help for those of use using the family sync option to track others spending.

My #1 App. Period.

I’ve used HomeBudget for probably the past 4 or 5 years. It’s how I keep track of all of my expenses on the go and at home. Of all the apps I’ve tried and used off and on, this one stays consistently in my top three. It’s the best, most useful app I have on my phone. I could not at this point live without it. In the four plus years I’ve used it, I’ve never had a problem until the other day. My budgets weren’t showing up correctly. So I emailed support and they got back with me and helped me solve the issue very quickly. Great app. Great service. If you don’t have a budget app on your phone, you need to download this now.

Need Improvement

We need some improvements to app , such as new icon and best reports and most importantly to track any transaction, that mean i want to know how much was specific transaction in every month and totally, we need good visual design... thanks

Great expense tracker!

I’ve been using this app for about 3 years now and I’m very happy with how it’s allowed me to manually track m expenses and balance my bank account month to month. I would love to see a feature added though. It would be great to be able to have a different “budget” tab for each month. A lot like how you can scroll through previous months and future months in the expense category. It would give a lot of flexibility to look back and look forward in the budget tab to be able to plan better. And having iCloud integration would be great too! I love how the family sync is working with my wife as well! Great app!

Sync issues

This has been our go-to app for keeping track of finances and bills. But I recently got a new phone and the family sync will not work. Any fixes for this? It’s incredibly frustrating. ESPECIALLY since I’ve had to pay for this app 3 times now.

Automatic exchange rate conversion doesn’t work anymore

I have an iPhone 6S Plus. I used to love this app, it seemed almost perfect. But with the latest update it seems that they changed some useful things. It no longer allows me to change the exchange rate between currencies. When I make transfers from one account to another with different currency. However I have the app on my Android, and it still works well there.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Spending Charts.

It would b nice to have them.

Needs option to input/output data from browser

Good app. But seriously needs the possibility to allow you to access your data in a web browser.

Recurring Items Needs Improvement

Home Budget works great for my wife and I except for 2 major sources of frustration: 1. Recurring expenses, income and transfers are device dependent, and only update/sync when you open the app on the device that entered them. I never know if I’m looking at current data, because my wife and I have entered recurring items on 4 dif devices (2 iPads and 2 iPhones) unless I remind my wife to open the app on both her devices first. Also, when upgrading to a new phone or iPad, any recurring entries entered on that device get lost. 2. If I find an error in an expense that I spread over 6 or 12 months, I have to individually delete each monthly entry and then re-enter the expense. There’s no way to simply correct the amount.

Account icons👍👍👍👍

1)Let us use emojis for the account icons!!! 2) on the dashboard where you show percent utilized of budget, tell me what % I am into in the month!! So if I’m 60% through of my monthly budget, but I’m 90% of the month I’m in rough shape! I need to know the 90% too!! Give me two circles in ☝️ 😄👍🚙🔌🛒📱🚰🏡🚽

Game Changer!!

This app has made tracking my finances and making sound financial judgements easy. Perfect for those who are trying to keep their spending and savings in order and figuring out a way to be financially savvy.

Love, Love, Love

This app changed my life; you can schedule your bills, keep track of expenses, log all of your accounts and export monthly and yearly reports. The only draw back is not being able to link your accounts directly to credit cards, checking, etc.

Not useful

I do not like the fact of this app does not sync with any of your financial institutes. Unless that is something you have to do from the computer rather than your phone. I want something user-friendly that just automatically connects. If I wanted to enter things and 15 times I wouldn’t have half the problems I do keeping a budget now.

Backups just stopped with no alert

Automatic Dropbox backups were being taken until sometime in September, when they just simply stopped with no alert from the app. Upon checking the settings, it says my Dropbox account needed to be linked. If it became unlinked, I should have been alerted that the problem needed to be fixed. My data has not been backed up for the last 3 months!

Used to be great!!

I have been used this app since 2012. It has changed a lot since then. Some changes were great, but others, not so much! This list is extensive, but I would like to focus on some of them: - The app has changed its skin a lot: leave to the users the possibility to customize all the app, as they want. - They just removed the option to generate the future entries on due date. This option could give us the possibility to check the account balance in the future without seeing all the account entries repeated on the future list: bring it back. If it causes instability, try to fix it. - Extend the multi-language to other languages. This is a great app, but used to be better.

Good app, needs more add on features

Please add import option to add bank transactions in excel to automatically populate. This feature is available in most competing budget apps.

Long time user

Why the grey icons after the update? Also there used to be a way to see all of the income as a pie chart or columns with a date range - now you can view them month by month only. Also automatic back up doesn’t work. Get the income date range and icon colors back and I’ll update my review. Thanks.

Why all icon lost color after update?

Just found the issue after recent update, all icon lost their original color!

Recruiting bills

This app would of been great but it does not show the recruiting bills that I added for the following months after initial bill was created. Due to this I was late on several bills since a trusted that my bills that were showering were accurate. I contacted customer service by email and explained what happen and asked if they could correct this issue but they have yet to respond or fix it!

The best!

Long time user for over 5 years now with my wife! Does what we need 😄

Update for iPhone X

Love the app, but need full screen support for iPhone X please!!

Goodbye after 2 years

This has been my go-to expense app for over 2 years, but when I recently restored my phone to discover HomeBudget was a blank slate, I was reminded of two things: (a) HomeBudget doesn’t leverage iCloud for backups, and (b) its Dropbox backup settings had mysteriously reverted from Daily to Never, meaning the past 6 months of data are now gone. Using Dropbox to backup app data is a fine if ersatz way to go, but not defaulting those settings to daily is completely incomprehensible to me. Why would anyone *not* want daily backups of a data payload that is so miniscule? It begs the question why the developers didn’t just implement iCloud backup in the first place. Set it and forget it. So, I’ve had enough. Goodbye Home Budget. And hello to Money Pro. An app which has stayed with the times, leverages all the iOS hooks properly, and even has some nice predictive AI to streamline the expense entering process. Money well spent, and I’m glad I made the switch.


Using this app for very long time, probably one of the first customers... The only issues that I'm facing is data size. For example, if you saving receipts with your expenses then your data file becomes HUGE and there is now easy way to remove old receipts. Also, Backup/Restore to Dropbox doesn't work. It creates empty remote folder and never stores the data. It would be nice to backup your data to google drive too. Dropbox gives too little space if you on free version. Would be nice to be able to delete receipts for specific time frame. For example, I do not need receipts if they are older then 3 years. Or give us a chance to store those receipts in the cloud so data file would smaller.

The best budget app

Update on iOS 11 iPhone 6s Plus. After updating to iOS11 the backup using dropbox broken. It wont initiate the backup anymore. Please fix this thanks. Just to update the review, everything works smoothly and the recent update doesnt break the auto backup anymore 👍🏻 but the update break the foreign currency conversion. Hope it will be fixed soon. Is there any major update to replace the current one ? 1. shortcut for frequent added expenses 2. Option to move sub category. 3. Overall interface enhancements because been using this app for a few years i think a redesign is good. Dont mind to pay again for another major update to support the dev. Hope this app will be always supported.

Love love love

We Love this app!! The only thing that would be good is more icons and a way to request icons for certain things.


Great app, been using it for years. What I most like it's the customizable part of expenses. Put down everything where you want.

App not starting

It just won't open. I keep clicking and nothing happens

Perfect for House control

Finally I found an app that can I use to control my home budget. My wife and I use this app to control everything we spend every month. We were using excel spreadsheets before, but now we can use this app

Financial Freedom

Update 9/22/17 received excellent technical support when I was creating a "family sync" with my iPad. It was simple and having it on multiple devices makes my life easier and that is good :-) This app is excellent. I use it every time I spend, have income and save. It is easy to access, easy to use and easy to BACKUP. It makes it fun and fast to track income , expense and budget. The old saying. "If you can't measure it you can't manage it." is true. Now that I know where my money was going I am making better choices, paying off bills and saving more. I am having a "Total Money Makeover" and am becoming financially free... Imagine not worrying or owing a dime... I am grateful to HomeBudget for this App. BTW, it keeps getting better. I'm glad I bought it. Very glad it's made such a difference in how I live my life with my money...

Update ?

Just updated the app now it won't even open!!


Don't buy it. It's worse than free apps

Great App

I have tried quite a few app to manage my spending and income. This app is my stopping point. It gives me real time acct balances and forecasts which include reoccurring bills and income. The owners manual is quite helpful also. Another feature is that you can add devices to your group list and they will automatically get updated with your entries from another device.......nice!

Hidden Gem

My favorite budgeting app. Not perfect but definitely the best I've found.

Need an overhaul update/upgrade.

I have been using it for years . No report can't be send by email. It need a major overhaul update. It's been the same UI since when! Still stuck at Ver 3.x

Powerful, well designed

Why can't I get a bank connection beyond set up?

Family sync doesn't work

Every time I add a second device, it deletes the first one, (even though on the device itself it says I'm in the group), so when I go to send initial data it says I must have at least 2 devices in the group for me to sync my data. Until this problem is fixed I may have to find a different app.

Apple friendly 👍🏻

Likely the best budgeting app EVER!! The wife and I use our 2 iPhones and the iPad is the master device. Here's the tricks: - Read the user guide. Understanding how it works is important. - Follow the startup suggestions. The wife and I plugged in everything for 2 weeks (my pay period) before setting budgets in the app and then set/tweaked budgets from there - Use the app religiously!!! Plugging everything in; Savings accounts not included in summary; and with every paycheck, overtime is plugged in manually (80 hrs is recurring). These tricks set the wife and I on the way to success. We've been using the app 3 months now and our finances have turned around!! The main reason: We now make educated decisions on what we can spend if an impulse hits us.

Great program

I moved to Home Budget after losing Quicken with upgrade. Very happy with results. I was hesitant after using Quicken for many years but worked great for my needs. Can sync with I phone and I pad to keep control from anywhere.

Great app!

I previously used YNAB but quit once they started charging yearly payments. This app improves on YNABs capability of linking multiple devices to your budget. For example, my wife can input a purchase from her phone that will automatically sync to all devices in the same group. Syncing happens over our cellular network so there is no need to have Dropbox. Very easy to use and does everything I need!

Great Family App

I will give 5 stars when recurring Excesses/Incomes is fixed to be able to add a 'end date' greater than 2 years!

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